Tarsil Training Videos (Internet/TV Cable Providers)
About Lesson

Ready to build a dream team for your Internet and Cable TV business? This video unlocks the secrets of creating staff accounts in Tarsil, your ultimate sidekick for streamlined operations and happy employees!

Imagine: effortlessly adding new team members, giving them personalized access to relevant information, and empowering them with mobile tools to thrive. Sounds like a futuristic dream, right? Not with Tarsil!

Get ready to become a Staff Account Mastermind:

Onboard with Ease: Add basic information for your staff, from names and photos to contact details. No more paper forms or tedious setups!

Profile Picture Power: Let your team personalize their Tarsil experience with profile pictures, adding a touch of fun and familiarity.

Zone Zest: Assign individual zones to your staff, ensuring they only see relevant customer information in their mobile app. No more information overload or missed details!

Mobile Magic: From new collections and orders to service requests and complaints, your staff gets instant updates on the go, boosting responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Role Revolution: Customize roles and rights for each staff member, granting them the exact access they need to excel. No more overstepping boundaries or missing crucial tools!

With this video, you’ll:

Save time and resources: Efficient onboarding and clear roles mean less hand-holding and a focused team.

Improve communication: Everyone gets the information they need, when they need it, eliminating confusion and delays.

Boost customer satisfaction: Responsive staff with on-the-go access deliver superior service, keeping your clients happy.

Build a stronger team: Empowered employees with personalized tools feel valued and motivated, leading to a happier and more productive workplace. Ready to unleash the power of staff accounts in your business?

Click play and discover how Tarsil can help you build a dream team for your Internet and Cable TV empire!