Tarsil Training Videos (Internet/TV Cable Providers)
About Lesson

This video empowers you to become a data-driven master of your Internet and Cable TV business with Tarsil’s interactive dashboard.

Learn how to:

Track receivables: Know exactly what’s owed and identify overdue payments.

Monitor bill amounts: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into monthly bill totals.

Analyze income: Track payments received for today, this week, and this month, with handy comparisons to previous periods.

Drill down into performance: Analyze item and zone-wise performance to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Tackle bad debt: Easily identify late payers and take action.

Go deeper with clicks: Dive into detailed reports with just a click for complete financial transparency.

Tarsil’s interactive dashboard isn’t just a pretty interface, it’s your key to smarter decision-making and business growth.