Our History

Our founding team with the experience of 60+ years collectively has started working on Tarsil.pk in march 2017. The main idea is to develop an ERP with an integrated field force management system for SMEs. There is a huge gap in technology in this sector so we decided to digitize the SMEs in Pakistan. Today our solutions are used across many sectors to improve business performance.


Tarsil Software founded​

We decided to build an application which would be a complete ERP+ Field Force Automation system specially for SMEs. We started working on the system architecture in March,2017 as we already have 20+ years’ experience of building ERP for Corporates. So, we decided to add similar small industries first with similar problems like Cable operators, Distributors and Traders. We still have a plan to add more industries and improve our localization so that we can benefit more businesses with our powerful application.


First version of Tarsil created

First version of tarsil.pk was released in December 2018 which was designed with a case study of the water delivery business. After successful automation of the water delivery business, we added more industries and provided them the customized solution.


First customer acquired


Growth – some key Partners

  • AMAZON Web Services
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Future Plans

Localization is our main goal and we are continuously improving user experience and adding more features which can help more industries to adopt and grow with us. It’s a non-stop process and we are continuously improving our Solution.