Digital Ledger (کھاتہ) Digital Delivery (ترسیل)

- Awake Sleeping Customers
- Manage Finances 
- Track Recoveries
- Uber like Tracking 
- Verified Visits
- Reduce Delivery Cost

industries served

secure cloud

securely hosted on a fully managed cloud which provides 24/7 Access from anywhere around the globe and with industry standard security and backups.


Fully customize-able

we fully understand present business needs and the customization required in it. our solution is fully capable to digest all requirements in Todays Business Eco-System.

Modern business solution

Built on cutting edge latest Technology standards GPS Tracking, operations Control Room, having flavors of ML, AI, Big Data & IoT. 

scalability made simple

How Tarsil system works

Tarsil system is cloud based business application which empowers your field staff on the go, even if they don’t have internet coverage.  In addition to tracking and verified visits, your staff will be able to send invoices, post orders, recoveries and expenses.

Tarsil system also provides a unique CRM system which allows you to automate the customer communication in such a presentable way that none of your customer’s query / complaint or order will be left unaddressed.

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