“Uber-Like” GPS Tracking (Driver to Customer)

Offer your customers an “Uber-like” experience. When your driver is in-route to the delivery destination, your customer will get an SMS text message with a tracking link that will show the drivers ETA, GPS position.


Offline Mode

Driver mobile app works without internet in field and Sync data of Location history, posted bills & taken orders once connected to internet.


Hybrid Driver Operation (Manual or Smartphones)

You can schedule your customers delivery with ease in the system. Drivers with smartphone will get listing on their phone and for those drivers without smartphone system provides printable lists.


Live Tracking & Alerts

Tarsil.pk system's Track-board provides live tracking of all your drivers and generates alerts of driver’s unusual stays and delayed call orders.


Stock Management

Tarsil.pk system manages your stock on-site (at your warehouse) and off-site (at customers premises) so that you have track of your each inventory item on your finger tips.


Data Security

Your customer data is 100% secure through 256 bit encryption, even if stolen, the data is still unreadable by any means.


Strong Reporting

Tarsil.pk system provides you strong reporting features through admin panel which help you manage your whole business operation like a pro.


Advanced Analytics

Tarsil.pk system's admin panel provides advanced analytics with graphical charts and trend graphs of multiple dimensions of your business data.

End to End Solution

Tarsil.pk software is not only a tracking solution, but far more than that. It provides end-to-end solution for any kind of local delivery business.


Geography (Zone Area and Sub Areas)

Tarsil.pk system helps you define your areas (towns), sub-areas (blocks) and zones, along-with routes and order of your customers to visit.


Corporate SMS

On each sale, Tarsil app sends SMS with bill no and delivery details to customer.
Corporate Mask services available to all Advanced package users.


Billing / Customer Ledger

Tarsil.pk system keeps record of all bills and payments and dues. You can generate customer ledgers in pdf format, on single click and may send them via print, email and/or whatsapp..