Tarsil Training Videos (Internet/TV Cable Providers)
About Lesson

Imagine: effortlessly generating invoices within seconds, keeping track of payments, and having Tarsil manage the accounting automatically. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not!

Get ready to learn:

Adding new bills in a flash: Select the date (which doubles as the service expiry!), choose your customer, pick their internet and TV packages, and watch the price and amount automatically calculate.

Sweeten the deal with discounts: Apply special offers to make your customers smile (and boost your business!).

Taxes made easy: Don’t sweat the calculations! Tarsil handles taxes seamlessly for you.

Payment flexibility: Select the payment method – whether it’s credit, cash, or straight from the bank – and Tarsil keeps everything organized.

Accounting autopilot: Relax and let Tarsil handle the heavy lifting. No more manual bookkeeping! This video is your key to:

Saving precious time: Focus on growing your business, not wrestling with invoices.

Reducing errors: Say goodbye to typos and miscalculations.

Tarsil ensures accuracy.

Impressing your customers: Professional, clear invoices build trust and keep your clients happy.

Gaining valuable insights: Track payments, analyze trends, and make informed decisions with Tarsil’s detailed reports.

Ready to transform your billing game? Click play and dive into the world of effortless invoice creation with Tarsil!